Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Leave me Alone with Lonely Night

I have got just a simple Question? What to do When yourLife Becomes Spiceless?What to do When you Lose Someone Priceless? I dontKnow What " I LOVE YOU"is... because I've Heard Just " IHate You"!Is there no one Who Wants to be with Me? Then Why thehell Should I TrUST These? You are Simply always on myMIND!Your Memories Just Make Me BLIND!Whats the Use Of Searching anyone NEW? When I WantU & Only U... I sit by the Phone waiting for your Call... andyou Force me to Throw it at the WaLL!Why Should I keeP Walking Mile By Mile? In Search ofyour CutesT Smile... When you care What the OthersThink... Would anyone Just Buy me a Drink???The Thing is... I Dont Love YOU...Because I Need YOU! IJust Need YOU...Because I love YOU! May be YOU areRIghT... But Now I Really Wanna Fight... Just Leave MeAlone... With this LonelY Night!


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